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Reasons for Using Outdoor scooter media billboards

In today's busy and fast-paced life, Outdoor is perfect for reaching people on the go. Increasingly people are spending less time at home, and as a result are less exposed to traditional media like TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.
By advertising on Out-of-home media you can:

* Launch a brand, build and maintain brand awareness cost-effectively.
* Create a big Impact and reach mass audiences cost-effectively.
* Target specific audiences and markets with high frequency - ie, shoppers, business travellers, AB's, teens, store catchment areas.
* Multiply the effect of other media, by reinforcing the message over a longer period.
* Provide a 'path to purchase', converting brand awareness into consumer purchase behaviour.


You can't look past Outdoor for branding power that can be taken from the street right through to retail points-of-purchase.

It has been demonstrated that using a brand icon in an outdoor advertisement makes it 40% more memorable than not using a brand icon, and no other medium can turn a product or service into a brand as cost-effectively as Outdoor.

To get an idea of just how powerful Outdoor is at creating a brand take a look at the Haka beer case study.
Make an impact

Dominant visibility, larger-than-life images and strong branding that stands out from the environment - Outdoor's impact is largely determined by the creative (link to creating great outdoor).

The outdoor medium achieves great cut-through because it's not competing with a plethora of other advertisements, as is the case with other media environments.
Reach mass audiences or target your message cost-effectively

Outdoor provides a continuous presence 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, and reaches audiences that other media find hard and cost-prohibitive to attract, eg light tv viewers.

Whether you are driving past in a car, standing in a bus shelter, waiting for a train at a station or boarding an aeroplane. Outdoor is there to entertain, inform and stimulate your senses.

The location, type and number of plant that the advertising message is displayed on enables you to specifically target a market or broadcast your message.
Achieve sustained awareness

Unlike TV advertising that is on and gone in 30 or 60 seconds, a newspaper ad that appears once week, or a radio ad fighting to be heard - Outdoor stands alone. Every ad stands in its own right - there every day - for all who pass to see.

A recent study done by Mediacom and the University of Alberta found that:

* Outdoor advertising's ability to sustain awareness over a period time is greater than that of television. The research found that at the end of the Outdoor campaign being studied awareness was about 36%. Six weeks later this had fallen only 1%. By comparison TV advertising showed significant decay in awareness 2 weeks after the end of the campaign.
* awareness of Outdoor Advertising is increasing (33% 1978 -1991, up to 39% in 1992 - 1996). This has been attributed to the industries efforts to improve site locations, upgrade structures and educate agencies and advertisers about the most effective types of creative.
* awareness levels are not significantly different between men and women but outdoor is seen and remembered by a greater proportion of 16 - 44 year olds, than the 55+ demographic.

Compliments other media

Out-of-home advertising:

* Is a reminder medium, when other activity tapers off.
* Cost-effectively reaches audiences that are cost-prohibitive for other media to reach.
* Provides a path to purchase, reinforces brand messages from other media closer to point-of-purchase.
* Is a strategic, cost-effective way to maintain brand awareness between bursts of other media activity.

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